Customs clearance of anti Covid devices


Customs clearance of Covid 19 anti-virus goods is one of the hottest topics in this critical pandemic period. The provisions relating to customs operations relating to the import of masks or prevention articles in general are constantly evolving.

More and more often, the media emphasize news related to anti Corona virus material blocked or seized at customs, especially in Italy at Malpensa airport. All this occurs because private individuals or superficial companies improvise themselves as freight forwarders, or because they turn to unformed and prepared structures in the management of the necessary customs operations.
To clear customs devices such as masks, gloves and disposable white coat, protective face shield visors or sanitizing items correctly, you must only contact customs specialists, professional figures indispensable to ensure timely and safe imports, excluding the possibility of errors in the request and compilation of the related documents.
With the customs consultation of MB EXPRESS, you will guarantee safe customs clearance for your Covid goods import operations both in Italy (Malpensa airport) and in Switzerland.

Customs clearance of face masks

Being a medical device, masks are undoubtedly the most complex Covid virus prevention article to be cleared through customs.
Thanks to many years of experience in this sector, we are able to offer targeted customs consultation on specific import needs.
Using a team of customs specialists, we manage the bureaucratic process for the release of Covid goods customs clearance documents, ensuring the correct taxation and applying any possible exemptions or facilitations provided.
We operate daily both at the Swiss customs and at the Italian customs, taking care of every service related to the import and import of masks or other devices, ensuring maximum speed and reliability at every stage, from the collection of the goods to its delivery.
We assist you in the management of active and passive transport in imports - temporary exports, identifying solutions that do not cause any production stoppage.

The advantages that we guarantee with our customs consultation:
- identification of the customs strategy that best suits your business
- simplification and efficiency of the bureaucratic process
- speeding up customs operations
- drastic reduction of risks associated with international trade
- optimization of logistics processes in shipments

To date, for Italy, especially at Malpensa airport, we are among the most used operators for customs clearance of masks without complications and unexpected surprises.
Customs clearance of face masks

Why contact us for customs clearance of Covid goods

We have many years of experience in international shipments, which we manage in every logistical and bureaucratic phase, ensuring maximum fluidity in every step.
Thanks to a widespread worldwide organization, we have many vehicles that allow us to offer customers diversified services for the shipment of any type of load, including precious, delicate or dangerous cargo.
Taking advantage of a constantly up-to-date team, we guarantee maximum customization of our services and offer 24/7 assistance, managing any emergencies quickly and flexibly.
If you are looking for customs consultation that guarantees you experience, flexibility and reliability, by contacting MB EXPRESS you will find a company capable of quickly solving all your business requests.

How contact us to request customs clearance of medical devices

Requesting information or a quote for customs clearance of masks or other medical devices is very simple and without any commitment. MB Express SA operators can be contacted from Monday to Friday 07.00 / 19.00 at telephone number +41 (0) 91 208 7117 or via email
The emergency service is available 24 hours a day at +41 (0) 76 366 6392.
MB Express SA is based in Chiasso, in via Brogeda 3 and is active in Italy and throughout Switzerland.

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