Tax representation in Switzerland


A tax representative company can be appointed to manage the billing and accounting of companies operating in a territory other than that of origin, such as an Italian company operating in Switzerland.

Appointing a company or a person who deals with tax representation in Switzerland has been mandatory since 1 January 2018 for all companies operating in the whole territory of Switzerland and exceeding 100,000 francs of annual turnover, regardless of the country in which they were generated.
Therefore, tax representation is absolutely necessary for all those foreign companies that intend to perform installation, assembly, installation or labor work in Switzerland and fall into this case, regardless of the number of processes performed and the amounts invoiced.
For example, a Como furniture factory that was even for the first time to sell and assemble a kitchen in Ticino, should necessarily resort to an expert professional, capable of guiding it so that it can operate in the legality and tranquility of the his business.
MB Express SA is a modern and dynamic company that not only knows and solves all problems relating to transport, logistics and customs operations but, through its own network of collaborations, offers a reliable and reliable solution also for tax representation in Switzerland.

What is a tax representation

A tax representative appears before the authorities, for the company operating in Switzerland, for the fulfillment of tax obligations.
To this end, the tax representative opens a special VAT number as a legal or natural person.

This is an alternative that avoids the company operating in Switzerland from setting up a special company or from entering the Swiss bureaucracy to register directly.

Specifically, a series of obligations are managed with tax representation such as:

- comply with the VAT regulations
- carry out periodic bank statements
- pay the taxes due
- manage accounting records

The tax representative in Switzerland also adequately manages the relations between the foreign company operating in the Swiss territory and the AFC, the Federal Tax Administration.
Tax representation in Switzerland

Why contact MB Express for the fiscal agent in Switzerland

We have a great experience in the field of intercontinental shipping that we manage in every logistical and bureaucratic phase, with professionalism and seriousness, ensuring maximum fluidity in every phase: export, import and transit at customs.
In this context, to complete a truly 360° service, we offer to our customers the possibility to have a single interlocutor also for tax representation.
Taking advantage of constantly up-to-date operators, with the best “tailor-made” solutions, we respond to all business needs and offer a 24/7 assistance service, managing any emergencies quickly and flexibly. If you are looking for a specialized freight forwarder who, with professionalism and seriousness, also guarantees an easy, fast and safe tax representation service in Switzerland, MB EXPRESS is the ideal contact person.

How to request information about the tax representation service in Switzerland

Requesting a quote or advice for the tax representation service in Switzerland is very simple and without any commitment. MB Express SA operators can be contacted from Monday to Friday 07.00 / 19.00 at telephone number +41 (0) 91 208 7117 or by email
The emergency service is available 24 hours a day at +41 (0) 76 366 6392.
MB Express SA is based in Chiasso, in via Brogeda 3 and is active throughout Switzerland.

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