Switzerland – Dubai Transport (UAE)


We are the ideal partner for companies that need to transport and clear goods through customs in Dubai. Our experience allows us to offer the best service to those companies which have commercial relations in the United Arab Emirates with services both by sea and by air. We guarantee custom-made solutions and the whole logistical and bureaucratic management of transport.

Each type of transport to Dubai and in general to the United Arab Emirates is in compliance with strict logistical and legal rules, which require competence in planning and organization. In no expedition you can improvise, but the planning of transport to the Arab countries is particularly complex and must be studied in detail to exclude the possibility of “hitches” that can cost a lot in economic and time terms. Relying on specialized companies, with proven experience, not only guarantees you the successful outcome of the shipment, but also exempts you from several bureaucratic concerns for the request of authorizations and for customs operations.
Efficiency, reliability and punctuality are the strengths of MB EXPRESS SA, a company specialized in transport from Switzerland to Dubai that provides “ad hoc” services, including the management of all customs operations and, if necessary, the customs warehouse service on site.

What kind of shipping service from Switzerland to Dubai we offer

On the specific route Switzerland Dubai, we are able to transport and clear customs any type of goods in terms of nature, size and weight.
In each shipment, goods are treated with care and appropriately handled to preserve their integrity and ensure maximum reliability.
The services offered are:
Transport Switzerland - Dubai
- newspapers by air
- weekly publication by sea (the ship leaves from Genoa once a week with a navigation period of 16 days)
Customs operations management in Dubai
Customs warehouses in Dubai

Therefore, planning them in every single detail, we can realize daily shipments H24 between the two countries. By always ensuring suitable loading spaces, we manage and control every phase of transport, from collection to delivery, also taking care of all customs operations directly and quickly.
Dubai - Switzerland - Dubai Transport

Why contact our transport service Switzerland – Dubai

We have a great experience in the international shipping and in transport sector from Switzerland to Dubai, which we manage with professionalism and seriousness, ensuring maximum fluidity in every phase: export, import and transit at the respective customs.
Thanks to a widespread organization, we have a structure that allows us to offer customers diversified services for shipment of any kind of load. Taking advantage of constantly up-to-date workers, with customized solutions, we respond to your particular needs (budget, type of load, destination, timing, etc.) and offer you a 24/7 assistance service, managing any emergencies quickly and flexibly.
If you are looking for a specialized shipper that guarantees you an easy, fast and safe transport service from Switzerland to Dubai, MB EXPRESS is the representative who answers all your business requests.

How to request a quote or a free consultation for a transport Switzerland - Dubai

Requesting a quote or a consultation for your transport between Switzerland and Dubai is very simple and without any commitment. MB Express SA operators can be contacted from Monday to Friday 07.00 / 19.00 at telephone number +41 (0) 91 208 7117 or by email info@mbexpress.ch 
The emergency service is available 24 hours a day at +41 (0) 76 366 6392.
MB Express SA is based in Chiasso, in via Brogeda 3 and it is active throughout Switzerland.

MB Express SA

Quality in transportation to improve your business. We transport goods to and from Switzerland. We guarantee fast and efficient services with groupage transport for any type of goods.

Office Hours

Monday - Friday :
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Emergency Services H24:
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