Quality in transportation
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Serving export companies to and from Switzerland, MB Express SA is an established reality in international shipping. We try to invest our experience every day to satisfy needs and expectations of our customers, offering extensive import and export services thanks to a widespread and consolidated network of agents present all over the world.
intercontinental trasport Italy-Switzerland


We have a great experience in the international shipping sector and especially in the transport sector from Italy to Switzerland and vice versa.
We ensure maximum fluidity in every phase: export, import and transit at the respective customs.

transport logistics and customs warehouse


We offer customized logistics services tailored to your specific business needs. We allow temporary storage of goods, without paying duties and we help you to organize your warehouse and shipments effectively to and from your customers.

Customs operations management Italy Switzerland


We provide all the essential support to companies for the creation of a rapid and efficient distribution system without bureaucratic hitch, in order to became real protagonists in international trade. We ensure maximum speed in customs clearance and 24/7 assistance.

Choosing the right partner:
MB the express freight forwarder

MB Express SA is the perfect partner for all the services necessary for shipping, from insurance coverage, to customs operations, to “step-by-step” management in compiling the documents requested by customers or entities involved in the operation.

Company profile

Efficiency, punctuality and precision


MB Express SA is a young concept born from decades of decades of experience in the shipping sector. We offer our customers a wide range of dedicated, flexible and reliable services, designed to satisfy every type of request in terms of transport and shipping. The company is able to ensure maritime, air and land transport, at the best costs and the best quality.

Shipping Italy Switzerland Italy

Transport Switzerland Italy

We are able to manage all the logistics phases (collection, transport, customs, delivery) of any type of goods in terms of nature, size and weight.
Customs consulting for shipping Italy Switzerland

Customs Consulting

The serenity in the correct compilation of the documentation necessary for your shipments for a smooth service.
Logistics consultation / Transport Italy Switzerland

Logistic Consulting / Transportation

We optimize the management of all your warehouse activities (picking, storage, load / unload goods operations, etc.), minimizing costs.
Express transport Italy Switzerland

Express transport

We provide an express transport service with urgent delivery, even in less than 24 hours or a door to door service, 7 days a week.
Tax representation in Switzerland

Swiss tax representation

Management of relations between a foreign company operating in the whole of Switzerland and the AFC, the Federal Tax Administration.
Customs warehouse

Customs warehouse

It is a service available to those who need temporarily deposit goods from other countries, without being taxed.
Exceptional transport Italy Switzerland

Exceptional transport

We carry out the handling of heavy and / or oversized loads that require particular means, authorizations and stock to be carried out.
Customs operations management Italy Switzerland

Customs operations management

We ensure the maximum speed of customs clearance following each bureaucratic and logistical phase for any kind of goods.
Logistics and warehouse organization

Logistics and warehouse organization

We provide goods storage and transport services to optimize, simplify and accelerate your distribution efficiency.
Transport of medicines

Transport of medicines

We guarantee a fast service, with high levels of reliability in the storage and transport phases, which is punctual even for very urgent deliveries.

MB Express SA

Quality in transportation to improve your business. We transport goods to and from Switzerland. We guarantee fast and efficient services with groupage transport for any type of goods.

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