Customs operations management


With customs operations management service, we ensure maximum speed of customs clearance for full truck load, partial truck load and groupage transport. We ensure punctual and safe shipments, carefully following each bureaucratic and logistical phase, without limits on the type of goods to be handled.

Efficiency and speed are fundamental requirements for any type of shipment, but even more for those that require customs clearance and it is also the correct management of customs operations that depends on the reliability and seriousness of a company.
The import / export of goods between different states is regulated by very precise regulations, different from country to country, also based on the type of goods to be handled, which requires, in order not to incur penalties and expensive downtime, a profound knowledge of customs procedures to which each individual load is subjected. For this reason, relying on a forwarder with experience in international transport will allow you to speed up all customs procedures, ensuring that your goods arrive at their destination on time, without unpleasant surprises.
With the customs operations management service MB EXPRESS guarantees maximum efficiency in every bureaucratic and logistical phase (from taking charge to delivering the goods), allowing you not to worry about anything and ensuring safe and punctual shipments, with rapid and reliable customs clearance.

What is the customs operations management service offered

We have many years of experience in international transport, which allows us to offer you a customs operations management service carefully planned on the exclusive business needs of your company.
With customized solutions, a staff of customs specialists will assist you in solving any problem related to your import / export, managing all customs procedures and operations to guarantee fast and punctual deliveries all over the world.
Furthermore, thanks to the constant updating of our professional operators, qualified with federal certificates, we guarantee full compliance with all the not purely customs regulations such as: phytosanitary checks, precious metal checks, veterinary checks, etc.

With the management of customs operations we deal with:
- identification of the customs strategy best suited to your shipments
- drafting of the documentation necessary for customs clearance
- request for any ministerial licenses for special goods
- timely calculation of taxes and application of exemptions / concessions if applicable
- presentation of the paperwork to the customs authorities, with domiciliation through telematic systems to the customs Switzerland-Italy
- customs assistance and consultation

We operate daily both at the Swiss customs and at the Italian customs, taking care of every service related to customs formalities, ensuring maximum speed and reliability in every phase, from the collection of the goods to its delivery.
Customs operations management

Why contact our customs operations management service

We have a great experience in the field of intercontinental shipping that we manage in every logistical and bureaucratic phase, with professionalism and seriousness, ensuring maximum fluidity in every phase: export, import and transit at customs.
Thanks to a widespread organization in each territory in which the goods transit, we have a structure that allows us to offer customers diversified services for shipment of any kind of load. Using constantly up-to-date operators, with the best “tailor-made” solutions, we respond to your particular business needs and offer you a 24/7 assistance service, managing any emergencies quickly and flexibly.
If you are looking for a specialized freight forwarder who, with professionalism and seriousness, guarantees you an easy, fast and safe customs operations management service, MB EXPRESS is the contact person who answers all your business requests.

How to request information about customs operations management service

Requesting a quote or advice for the customs operations management service is very simple and without any commitment. MB Express SA operators can be contacted from Monday to Friday 07.00 / 19.00 at telephone number +41 (0) 91 208 7117 or by email
The emergency service is available 24 hours a day at +41 (0) 76 366 6392.
MB Express SA is based in Chiasso, in via Brogeda 3 and is active throughout Switzerland.

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