Logistics and warehouse organization


With logistics and warehouse organization we offer you a wide range of goods storage and transport services, becoming you partner of reference to simplify and accelerate your distribution efficiency and your business.

A good logistic organization of the warehouse is the center of every commercial activity and it is very important to increase the business of any company. Fulfilling an order presupposes careful planning of the warehouse, from correct storage to the fluidity of the pick & pack processes, to the movement of goods on means of transport for shipment to the customer, speed is fundamental. It is therefore no exaggeration to say that the successful outcome of an expedition starts right from the warehouse!
It is for this reason that MB EXPRESS, a freight forwarder specializing in international transport, offers a complete logistics service to all companies that wish to simplify and accelerate their distribution efficiency.
With our logistics and warehouse organization system, we guarantee a wide range of dedicated services that concern the management of the warehouse, but also the transport of goods and the completion of customs procedures.

What kind of logistics and warehouse organization services we offer

The many years of experience in logistics and international transport allows us to guarantee you an accurate and methodical planning of every activity and resource related to the organization of your warehouse, simplifying procedures and accelerating the delivery times of goods.

By responding quickly and flexibly, our logistics system is structured to satisfy every type of company at 360°, both in the most traditional requests and in those that arise from sudden needs.

With the logistics and warehouse organization service we offer:
- warehouse management (load / unload operations, goods storage, pick & pack)
- transport management (road, air and sea)
- management of customs procedures

We employ a team of expert operators, able to provide you with the best customized solutions at every stage, from the procurement of the raw material to the delivery of the finished product, and we are the ideal partner for all companies looking for a single efficient and reliable contact person.
Logistics and warehouse organization

Why contact our logistics and warehouse organization service

A single supplier, multiple logistics services: we work with you to find the best solutions to optimize your business, minimizing costs and waste. We ensure transport managed with fluidity and punctuality in every step, thanks to the consolidated collaboration with selected suppliers, which allow us to handle loads of any type and nature, anywhere in the world.
Taking advantage of a constantly up-to-date team, we guarantee maximum personalization of our services and offer you 24/7 assistance, managing any emergencies quickly and flexibly.
If you are looking for a professional, flexible and reliable logistics and warehouse organization service, by contacting MB EXPRESS you will find a company capable of quickly solving all your business requests.

How to request logistics and warehouse organization service

Requesting a quote or a consultation about logistics and warehouse organization service is very simple and without any commitment. MB Express SA operators can be contacted from Monday to Friday 07.00 / 19.00 at telephone number +41 (0) 91 208 7117 or by email nfo@mbexpress.ch.
The emergency service is available 24 hours a day at +41 (0) 76 366 6392.
MB Express SA is based in Chiasso, in via Brogeda 3 and it is active throughout Switzerland.

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